Claire Wang Whitman


Digital Design, Content Strategy

Allkinds is a personal care brand that empowers kids and early teens to discover high-quality personal care, their way. With over 400 products for bath & body, skin, hair, nails, and more, Allkinds makes it easy for kids to embrace self-care habits and develop confidence during adolescence.

I was the primary web designer on this large scale e-commerce project, and helped develop content strategy guidelines, email templates, and launch assets.

Lowercase logotype reading "allkinds". Dot of 'i' is changing colors: red, orange, green, turquoise, blue, light blue.

The dot in the Allkinds logo served as the basis for the visual system.

The website’s visual design expands on three core components of the brand’s identity: the rainbow palette, the dynamic dot, and stickers.

I worked on a small team through an iterative process from concept through design, prototyping, documentation, and QA to delight, educate, and convert customers.

We expanded the brand’s “dynamic dot” concept through circle crops, circular text, rounded corners on cards, and pill-shaped buttons.

Gif showing interactive hover states over typography

Six original fragrance worlds were brought to life through their own sub-identities. Differentiated through color, tone of voice, art direction, photography, and ingredients, each world was designed to bring its own flavor.

Moodboard-inspired backgrounds for product images invited more fun and built more equity into each fragrance world’s sub-identity.

Eye-catching photography, sub-identity color palettes, and storytelling helped paint the picture of each fragrance world.

The mobile PDP was fully optimized for conversion. All key information fit above the fold; on scroll, a sticky add to cart button would appear. A drawer-style cart also contained a sticky full-width bar at the bottom of the cart.

Each world’s story introduced the main fragrance notes, ingredient benefits, and a few products to get kids started.