Claire Wang Whitman

Waste Not

Content Strategy, Digital Design

Waste Not is a database of sustainable suppliers that seeks to reduce environmental impact at the level of business—rather than putting the onus entirely on consumers.

I crafted, designed, and executed social campaigns through posts and stories. The goal was to capture attention through fun and playful single posts, educate consumers through long form posts in series, and feature suppliers and their materials to spread awareness.

Illustration of a anthropomorphic smokestack coughing with the caption "Put 'em in the hot seat".

Instagram Stories inform and educate Waste Not's followers about the sustainable standards that suppliers had to meet to be listed on the site.

Pinning Stories to the top of the profile made it easy for users to reference the information at any time.

In addition to providing high-level information about Waste Not, posts and stories were designed together to maximize reach.

Another example of evergreen content creation was the Glossary, where new terms were featured on a regular basis based on theme. Because greenwashing is so prevalent in sustainability, the Glossary tries to help users navigate the true meaning of certain gratuitous phrasing.