Claire Wang Whitman


Signage, Retail Packaging

Allkinds is a personal care brand that empowers kids and early teens to discover high-quality personal care, their way. With over 400 products for bath & body, skin, hair, nails, and more, Allkinds makes it easy for kids to embrace self-care habits and develop confidence during adolescence.

I concepted, designed, and executed retail shoppers, gift cards, sampling sets, construction barricade, and retail signage.

Image of a colorful retail store

Retail bags, set packaging, gift cards, and samples used a combination of solids and the rainbow to create a comprehensive set.

These posters lined the balustrades near Allkinds’ first retail store in Melbourne. Utilizing the rainbow color palette, stickers, and photography, these posters were designed to catch the eye and lead the way to the store.