Claire Wang Whitman



Allkinds is a personal care brand that empowers kids and early teens to discover high-quality personal care, their way. With over 400 products for bath & body, skin, hair, nails, and more, Allkinds makes it easy for kids to embrace self-care habits and develop confidence during adolescence.

In this large-scale packaging project, I designed bath, body, skin, and novelty packaging.

Gif of personal care packaging: A maple-syrup inspired shower gel in the shape of a maple syrum or honey container, being poured over waffle-shaped sponges.

Just a few of the original products whose packaging I designed, set against moodboard-inspired backgrounds that stayed consistent per fragrance world.

Formulated for older kids starting to experience changes in their skin, Skin Support is an introduction to skincare through a two-step routine.

I designed the bottle, carton, and set system for each collection. Tone-on-tone color palettes, soft-touch finish, and selective spot gloss made for a slightly more grown up, elevated feel.