Claire Wang Whitman

Practice, Inc.

Digital Design

As a founding member of branding studio Practice, I worked with the founder to design the website and systematize the foundational elements of the identity. My primary responsibilities were to create a typographic hierarchy and graphic system that used the existing primary palette, logo, and typography.

Oversized type, a circular labeling system, beautiful imagery, and draggable stickers are friendly and engaging elements, while the Swiss sans, italicized serif, and use of white space elevate the overall feel.

Geometric, minimalist eyeball illustration with logomark "Practice" below on a green background.

Colored Dot System: Practice’s large scale projects had to be broken down into digestible pieces. The colored dot system worked as indicators to built brand equity into the studio’s proprietary project phases.

On case study pages, a sub-menu helped users navigate through the various phases of the project. I integrated more typography into the system and introduced active, inactive, and clicked states in the circle system.